_Her musical career was cut short, when she opted to focus on her acting career. She debuted in the big screen in the movie, Paroles et musique in 1984, where she played daughter of Catherine Deneuve. This was eventually followed by several other movies; and in 1986, she was recognised as the Cesar’s Most Promising Actress. This was for her performance in the movie, L'effrontée.

From the big screen, Charlotte Gainsbourg also experienced theatre. In 1994, she was part of the play, Oleanna, which was shown at the Théâtre de la Gaîté-Montparnasse. Her experiences in acting were brought about by more projects in the movie industry, which lasted until the present time. All throughout her movie career, she has been featured in no less than 33 films.

In 2000, Charlotte Gainsbourg was able to collaborate with Madonna in her album, Music. The song, What It Feels Like For A Girl, featured Charlotte Gainsbourg’s speaking voice taken from the movie, The Cement Garden. The song was then mixed further, producing a single in 2001. All versions of the single contained Charlotte Gainsbourg’s speaking voice, taken from the film The Cement Garden.

2004 proved to be another milestone for the French pop star, for she was able to collaborate with Etienne Daho for a duet with the song, If.

Currently, Charlotte Gainsbourg is busy completing her third album. In reports, it has been noted that she would be working with Beck.

_Name: Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg
Date of Birth: 21 July 1971
Place of Birth: Paris, France

Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg, or Charlotte Gainsbourg, was born in Paris, France on 21 July 1971. She was of artistic lineage, since both her parents were singers. Her mother was singer-actress Jane Birkin, while her father was singer-actor, Serge Gainsbourg. Other members of her family include actress, Judy Campbell, who was her grandmother, and Uncle Andrew Birkin. The latter was also Charlotte’s director in the film, The Cement Garden.

Charlotte Geinsbourg is currently married to Yvan Attal, who is also an actor and director in France. The couple have the wonderful times at there and have two children: Ben, who is 12 years old and born on 12 June 1997. Her younger daughter, Alice is five years old, and born on 8 November 2002.

5 September 2007 was a trying time for Charlotte Gainsbourg and her family, for she was rushed to a hospital in Paris. The singer had to go under surgery, for she suffered from cerebral haemorrhage. Ever since the accident, she has been complaining for headaches, which also became the reason for her to undergo the surgery.

Charlotte Gainsbourg has been noted for her musical career that has spanned decades. She was introduced into the music scene when she sang Lemon Incest with her father in 1984. Eventually, she was able to release her first album, entitled Charlotte for Ever, in 1986. The said album was also produced by her father.