Eric Fombonne


__Name: Eric Fombonne
Date of Birth: 1954
Place of Birth: Paris, France

Eric Fombonne, MD, FRCP, was born on year 1954 in Paris, France. He is an epidemiologist and professor of psychiatry. He manages the division for child psychiatry at McGill University located in Canada and the department for psychiatry at the Montreal Children's Hospital, where he held a crucial role in the commencing of its clinic for autism. Fombonne is also the child psychiatry’s Canada Research Chair. His research study centres on epidemiological investigations of mental illness in childhood and other related risk aspects, with a specific focus on autism’s epidemiology.

Fombonne is a stable member of the study section of National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and has been delegated to a special advisory board of National Institute of Health (NIH) for autism research programmes. He was appointed president in October 2002 of the Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of Canada (APCAPC).

Before he arrived in Canada, Fombonne was already the Institute of Psychiatry’s researcher of King's College located in London, United Kingdom, wherein he worked at Maudsley Hospital as a psychiatrist for children and adolescents. While he was working there, he, along with his colleagues, was credited with their demonstration that an epidemiological evidence of a connection between autism with the MMR vaccine does not exist, as hypothesised by other researchers, which include Andrew Wakefield. Fombonne was quoted in a New Scientist article as saying that attempting to connect autism with MMR is absolute nonsense.