_Excited to meet new people, he performed in a number of contests like ‘Euro Bass Day 2003, which was held in Verona. He was declared the winner of this competition. He also joined the ‘Haut les Basses’ contest in 2004.

Before 2004 ended, Feraud began composing music for his maiden solo masterpiece as he played in different jams and clubs in Paris.

Back in 2005, Feraud was invited by John McLaughlin to collaborate with him on two tracks (‘For Jaco’ and ‘Senor CS’) included in his album ‘Industrial Zen’. This encounter was crucial for Hadrien.

He finished his debut solo album ‘Hadrien Feraud’ in 2006. It was graced by several prestigious guests like John McLaughlin, Flavio Boltro, Bireli Lagrene, Jean-Marie Ecay, Marc Berthoumieux, Jean-Pierre Como, Jim Grancamp, Mokhtar Samba, Dominique di Piazza, Jon Grancamp, Thierry Eliez, and Linley Marthe. In 2007 he contributed to Chick Corea's trio project.

After his first solo album, he toured in Canada and North America. It was followed by a European tour in 2008. He was then a member of 4th dimension (together with Mark Mondesir on drums and Gary Husband on keys) and John McLaughlin.

Ken Smith and Hadrien Feraud announced ‘Hadrien Feraud Signature Burner’ in last September. It was to be created in Japan. Hajime Hirose and SleekElite will be responsible for its creation. Ken Smith will be the director. Hand-made models of this are set for release early in 2010.

_Name: Hadrien Feraud
Date of Birth: 16 August 1984
Place of Birth: Paris, France

Hadrien Feraud is a known French Jazz fusion-bassist. His family is very much into music.

Originally, Feraud’s inclination was towards playing the drums. But after hearing Jaco Pastorius’ The Birthday Concert, which was a gift from his dad when he was 12, he decided to pursue playing the electric bass. Amazed by Jaco’s musical work, he joined the ranks of youngest and greatest bass players in France in a decade.

His musical universe expanded through occasional collaborations. Studying/listening to the works of other musicians and bassist like Christian McBride, Anthony Jackson, Victor Bailey, Skulli Sverisson, Matthew Garrison Gary Willis, Linley Marthe and Richard Bona helped him hone his craft. Up to now, his primary inspirations are the complete musical compositions of Jaco Pastorius and Weather Report.

Christian Pegand (the concert manager of Bireli Lagrenes and John McLaughlin) asked Feraud back in 2001 to participate in the ‘bass contre bass’ concert. Playing with Sylvain Luc and Bireli Lagrene on guitars and Frank Agulhon on drums, Feraud created a notable impact. His genuine talent was recognised by Lagrene.

In Feraud met Strasbourg’s Jim and Jon Grancamp through Bireli Lagrene in 2002. Jim Feraud (bass), Jim (guitars), and Jon (drums) established a power-trio named ‘Le Cartel’. They played on different stages in the capital of France, around France, and overseas.