_Name: Isabelle Genevieve Marie Anne Gall
Date of Birth: 9 October 1947
Place of Birth: Paris, France

Isabelle Genevieve Marie Anne Gall, also known as France Gall, was born in Paris, France on 9 October 1947 to Cecile Berthier and Robert Gall.

France Gall was said to have come from a musical family. Her father was a lyricist, while her maternal grandfather was one of the co-founders of the Petits Chanteurs a`la Croix de Bois. Some of her cousins included Denys Lable, who was known to be a guitarist, while Vincent Bethier de Lioncourt, was a composer.

One spring day of 1963, France Gall and her siblings were encouraged by their father to render songs that were eventually sent to Denis Bourgeois. Unknown to others, Denis Bourgeois was a well known musical publisher. After their demo, France Gall decided to audition at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, also in Paris. Her impressive talent convinced Bourgeois to sign a contract with her, but she opted to sign one with Philips.

When France was sixteen years old, she was given the opportunity to record her first single. The single, Ne sois pas si bete or Don’t be so stupid in English, was an instant hit. The said single was released in November, and was followed by another single entitled, Don’t Listen to the Idols. Surprisingly, both singles topped the March 1964 French Charts.