As time passed by, Gainsbourg’s music became more and more eccentric. Some of his songs were regarded to be anti-drugs; more specifically his song entitled Aux Enfants de la Chance. The duet he had with his daughter, Charlotte, entitled Lemon Incest showed how much Serge Gainsbourg loved puns.

Although Serge Gainsbourg’s life was colourful, his life ended accordingly, on 2 March 1991, Gainsbourg suffered from a massive heart attack. His remains were interred at the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris.

Serge Gainsbourg’s popularity increased even after his death. In so doing, he was able to reach legendary status for his brilliance and success. In so doing, he was able to bring song writing to a whole new level. Through the years, many singers have given him much tribute by singing his songs accordingly.

British singer, Petula Clark, was one of the most famous interpreters of Gainsbourg’s songs. In his own way, Clark made sure that Gainsgbourg’s songs were delivered accordingly, exceeding regular sales. As her greatest tribute, she composed a song for the legendary icon, entitled La Chanson de Gainsbourg.

Another tribute was made accordingly in 2005 by Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited. The said album was released in 2005 by Virgin Records. Some of the artists included in the album include Placebo, Michael Stipe, Portishead, and Franz Ferdinand.

Name: Lucien Ginsburg

Date of Birth: 2 April 1928

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Serge Gainsbourg, or Lucien Ginsburg in real life, was born in Paris, France on 2 April 1928 to Olga Bessman and Joseph Ginsburg. His family was of Russian origin, and were considered Jewish. However, they migrated to France when the Bolshevik rose in 1917.

Growing up, Serge Gainsbourg was greatly influenced by the Nazis from Germany. Since they were Jews, Serge Gainsbourg and his family suffered much in the hands of the Germans. They were humiliated, discriminated, and treated unfairly until their family migrated to France.

By the time Serge Gainsbourg was thirty years old, he was a disenchanted painter. Despite these actions he worked his ways as a pianist for several bars in town. On 3 November 1951, he married his first wife Elisabeth Levitsky, they have a wonderful time. Six years after the marriage they were divorced. On 7 January 1964, he married Francoise-Antoinette Pancrazzi, but where divorced to years after in February of 1966. They were showered with two children, named Natacha and Paul, respectively.

During the shooting of his film, Slogan, he met and fell in love with Jane Birkin. She was an English actress and singer, whom Serge Gainsourg had a daughter with. His daughter with Jane Birkin, Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg, turned out to be a popular personality in France.