Through Est and Ouest and BEPI, Gaucher joined the anti-Communist networks of Georges Albertini. In the 1950s, Gaucher joined the Rassemblement national of Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour where he became the secretary general.

In October of 1972, he co-founded the National Front where he became a part of the organisation’s directing committee. However, in 1974, he took part in the organisation’s split. This led him to join the Parti des forces nouvelles (PFN), which gather the radical activists that thought Jean-Marie Le Pen was too moderate. In 1979, Gaucher left the PFN and joined FN again.

In 1986, Roland Gaucher replaced Dominique Chaboche at the European Parliament. He became the vice-president of Europe’s delegation to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

In 1984, Gaucher founded the National-Hebdo, the weekly of FN. He served as the chief editor of National-Hebdo until 1993.

He distanced himself from Le Pen’s FN in 1993 after he said that it was too institutional. As the time, he came closer to the other structures of the far-right such as the Alliance Populaire (Popular Alliance) and the Militant.

He died on 27 July 2007.

Name: Roland Gaucher
Date of Birth: 1919 — 2007
Place of Birth: Paris, France

Roland Gaucher was Roland Goguillot’s pseudonym. Gaucher was far-right politician and journalist in France. He is one of the far-right’s main thinkers. He participated in the Rassemblement National Populaire (RNP), the fascist party of Marcel Déat's, during the Vichy regime. When the war ended, he was sentenced to prison for years because of collaborationism. Later, he pursued a journalism career while continuing with his political activism. In October of 1972, he co-founded the National Front (FN). In 1986, Gaucher became a Member of the European Parliament.

Roland Gaucher started his political career as an activist for the far-left. He began by becoming part of the Fédération des étudiants révolutionnaires (Federation of Revolutionary Students). Later, he joined the Jeunesses socialistes ouvrières (Workers' Socialist Youth).

However, during the Second World War, he moved to the far-right. In March of 1942, he joined Rassemblement National Populaire (RNP), Marcel Déat's fascist party. From May until November in 1943, Gaucher was responsible for the youth organisation of the RNP as well as of RNP’s Parisian section. During the Liberation, Gaucher was responsible for destroying the archive of the readers of the National Populaire, as this was the RNP’s mouthpiece. According to the diary of Marcel Déat's, Gaucher fled to Sigmaringen in Germany with the men of Marshal Philippe Pétain in 1944.