Name: Vincent Gabriel Fourcade

Date of Birth: 27 February 1934

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Vincent Gabriel Fourcade was a French interior designer and businessman. He lived from 27 February 1934 to December 1992. He was the business partner of Robert Denning. He is known for saying that his clients only wanted outrageous luxury.

Fourcade was born into a distinguished family. He grew up in a big house which had expensive Majorelle furnishings. He was influenced by the French aesthetes of the family. When he talked to Rosamond Bernier, an art historian, he said that he learned his craft by going to nice houses in France as well as Italy. He later went to study in University College London.

Fourcade was a handsome bachelor and was often invited to the US. He attempted to follow the footsteps of his father and worked a banker. Later, in 1959, he met Robert Denning.

Denning had his training under Edgar de Evia. Denning learned to develop his taste for design by being on set with de Evia. He went with de Evia who photographed different kinds of furniture and fabric. Furthermore, the two lived in the top floors of the Rhinelander Mansion, which was among the most prestigious apartments in Manhattan.

As de Evia spent more time in his home in Greenwich, Connecticut, Denning continued to entertain clients. Among them were Ogden Phipps and Lillian Bostwick Phipps.