Later, he was voted as representative to the Bonne-Nouvell district of the newly-organized Paris Commune. He also became a collaborator for ‘L’Ami des citoyens’ for a short period prior to the establishment of his paper ‘L’Orateur du Peuple’. He used Martel as his pseudonym. The paper consisted of eight pages and it came out everyday. Marcel Enfantin served as the editor of the paper.

Aside from writing his own paper, he also worked with Marat and he consented to fund and write the other part of Desmoulins paper. However, Enfantin was arrested because the authorities presumed that he was Martel.

Fréron's association with Desmoulins initiated him to the cause of the Cordeliers and influenced his participation with the attack on Tuileries palace of 1792 (popularly known as the revolution of the people of Paris against the House of Bourbon and their fight against the Swiss guards.)

He was also voted to the National Convention for the département of Seine and he also voted in favour of the execution of Louis XV. Between 1793 and 1794, he also became a Representative on Mission to Toulon, Marseilles, and Provence. He and Paul Barras were charged of setting up the Convention’ authority in the Medieterranean South after related events like the Toulon uprising. Fréron became famous because of his title as enforcer of the Reign of Terror.


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